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{a90} NATCA – Boston tracon

A90 is a diverse blend of air traffic control Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities combined into one.

The three area tracon

manchester area

In 2004 Manchester Approach moved from MHT Airport to the new facility in Merrimack, NH about one month after Boston TRACON.

boston area

Formerly located at Logan Airport, Boston TRACON was the first facility to enter the new state-of-the-art building in Merrimack, NH.

cape area

K90 (Cape Approach) joined A90 in February 2018 after 69 years on Otis Air National Guard Base, Cape Cod, MA.

The New Two Area Configuration

A90 has been reconfigured into a two area approach control with common sectors worked by all.

Boston North

Boston North includes all of the old Manchester Area sectors, plus shared Boston Legacy sectors of Bedford/Rockport, Final 1/Final 2 and Departure/Lincoln. 

Boston South

Boston South includes all of the K90 sectors, plus Plymouth/Lynch and Departure/Lincoln. 

Our Story

A90 NATCA controllers provide air traffic control radar service from LCI Laconia, NH to ACK Nantucket, MA. Recently through federal law S. 804, A90 and K90 have merged. The role of A90 controllers has changed to shared sectors in the building. 

BOSTON logan airport

Logan airport is one of the nation’s busiest airports.

New England

New England has a lot to offer: nature, culture, technology, education, entertainment and more…

Building Relationships

Building Relationships

Building relationships with aviation partners, openly discussing issues, & being forthright is the #NATCA way. Boston TRACON FacRep Curt Fischer exemplified these values when he spoke to Raytheon TAMR Team on successful collaboration. read the full story on NATCA.org

Welcome to the official A90 NATCA Site!

Welcome to the official A90 NATCA Site!

The A90 NATCA site has been created to give members a private forum to communicate. Just click Sign Up and be sure to register using the email address you have on file with NATCA. Please be respectful, and use this tool to express opinions and share information.



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